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  • transparent rolling shutter

polycarbonate roll   Polycarbonate folding door
   Material: aluminum frame, polycarbonate panel
   Panel width: 22cm/26cm
   Panel thickness: 1.7mm
   Style: transparent
   Track size: 35mm(w)×40mm(h)
   Folding size: 7cm/m 
   Operation: manual
   Socket: 1pc/m

The polycarbonate folding door consists of four major parts, aluminum trolley, polycarbonate panel, aluminum post and aluminum track. The polycarbonate panel fixed on the aluminum trolley is transparent and can be seen through from outside when the shop is cloesed, the track is insatalled on the celling to hold the wheels. The locks are installed on the aluminum post,  it provides excellent display effect and security for shopping malls and commercial buildings.

track installation
Normally the track have three ways of installation, surface mount(A), recessed track (B) and (C). the height of the steel beam and the aluminum track are both 40mm.  the steel beam can be replaced if the celling is strong enough. the track installation way should be informed before making a folding door.

The floor socket should be made on a finished floor and there should be one socket every one meter.

Before making a folding door track, the stacking arrangment should be informed, if the stacking arrangment is A and B, a curving wheel track should be provided.