Full Vision PC roller shutter door slat | Clear Roll up door plank PC-305

The PC roller shutter door slat PC305 is the major component of a Clear Roll up door, it is made of 100% high quality polycarbonate raw material

Model No. PC-305
Material 100% raw PC material
Edge diameter 5mm
Slat size 305mm×100meter
Thickness 1.6mm
Color Full transparent
Weight 66g/pc
Qty/sqm 33pcs
carton box

The PC roller shutter door slat PC100 is the important part of a Full Vision PC roller shutter door or a transparent folding sliding closure, it is made of 100% PC raw material.   A complete curtain of PC roller shutter door is composed of polycarbonate rolling shutter slat and aluminum connecting bar and other spare parts.



• Full vision Store front PC roller shutter door / clear vision shop security folding closure/shop front clear roll up door

Transparency: 80%~90% transparency, transparency varies according to the thickness of the slat
UV resistance: Provides 80% UV resistance
Impact resistance: Provides better safety and protection than glass
Heat dissipation: Easy to maintain the temperature of the interior space, 4 times better than glass
Flame retardancy: horizontal HB/vertical V2
Advertising effect: Display store products when the store is closed
Eco-friendly: polycarbonate materials can be recycled and meet ROHS standards,
Soundproof: provide 3-4DB sound resistance BETTER THAN GLASS
Light weight: polycarbonate curtains weight is approximately 5 kg/m²
Weather resistant: Works well in the temperature range of -40 to 120°C
Warranty: 5 years warranty.

we use highly efficient injection machine; the output capacity is 5000pcs/day
if you need the shipment urgently, please send your order in advance


we use Samsung South Korea and Makrolon Germany PC raw material for making clear roller shutter door slats
If you need customized materials, we can purchase the materials for you

5 years warranty for polycarbonate slats, we can replace for imperfect or discolored slats.

carton box packing or pallet packing


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