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The polycarbonate shutter slat is the major component of a transparent roller shutter, it is made of 100% high quality polycarbonate raw material

Max width 35meters
Max Height  Manual 4.5m, motorized 6m
Aluminum color White, black, silver or custom color
PC color Transparent/white
Panel width 11cm,15cm,22cm, 26.5cm ,29cm
PC panel thickness 1.5mm~2.0mm
Pocket width 8% of total width
Operation Manual or motorized
Open direction One side open or bifolding

The Clear view Polycarbonate Folding Sliding Door is widely used in commercial centers and shopping malls
, when the shop opening is not straight and a roller shutter is not applicable, the side folding door is you best choice.
it also has many advantages such as elegant looks, affordable price, easy to install and burglary proof. when the shop
is closed, the goods can still be displayed to the customers.


Panel options:
► Single panel width: 110mm, 150mm, 220mm, 265mm, 290mm
► Polycarbonate panel: 1.5~2.2mm polycarbonate panel fixed with aluminum frame for burglary proof
► Perforated aluminum: 1.5~2.2mm aluminum panel perforated with round or hexagon holes providing
50% view and ventilation, fixed with aluminum frame for anti-theft capacity
►Grill panel: 10mm aluminum rod fixed with aluminum frame to prove burglary proof function and 80% view
►Operation: manual operation or motorized operation

Track System
►35mm*45mm aluminum track for straight door opening, it can also be used for curve opening but need
pre-formation by bending machine
►35mm*55mm aluminum track for curve opening. it can be bend easily and can also be used for straight openings.

Maximum size
maximum width of Polycarbonate Folding Sliding Door is 35meter,
maximum height is 4.5meter for manual operation door
maximum height is 6.0meter for motorized operation door

Lock and bolts
each folding door will be supplied with one set lock and two keys, the lock can be open from both sides.
Gound bolts and dust cover will be provided 1set every 1meter width.

Aluminum Color
the finish of aluminum is powder coating or anodize.  the normal color is natural aluminum, white and black.
if you need other color, please send color samples, and we will customize color for you

Stacking pocket size
the pocket size will be about 8% of the total door width, we will work out the detailed pocket size according to
your data.

Motor Specification
*Motor Voltage / Frequency: single phase 220V/50Hz, three phase 380V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz is also available
*Motor remote controls: 2pcs or more
*Motor lifting Force: 300KG, 600KG, 800KG, 1000KG, 1500KG, 2000KG
*Optional: backup battery, alarm system, stopping device, cellphone control

•  supermarket, shopping mall, jewelry shop, coffee shop, club bar, brand chain stores

5 years warranty for polycarbonate slats, we can replace them for imperfect or discolored slats.

Shipment and Delivery
plywood box packing for LCL, foam and carton packing for FCL

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