Transparent Roller Shutters slats | Clear rolling shutter links PC-400

The polycarbonate shutter slat PC400 is the major component of a transparent roller shutter, it is made of 100% high quality polycarbonate raw material

Model No. PC-400
Material 100% raw PC material
Pipe diameter 16mm
Slat size 400mm×115mm
Thickness 2.8mm/3.0mm
Color Full transparent
Weight 165g/piece
Qty/sqm 26pcs
Packing 88pcs/carton box

The transparent roller shutter slat is the major component of a polycarbonate roller shutter, it is made of 100% high quality polycarbonate raw material.   A complete polycarbonate roller shutter curtain is assembled with polycarbonate shutter slats and steel pipes or aluminum pipes and other components



•  Shop front polycarbonate roller shutters/ Commercial transparent rolling doors/

Transparency: 80%~90% transparency, the transparency varies according to the thickness of the slat
Anti UV:  provide 80% UV resistance against sunlight
Impact resistance:  provide much more security and safety better than glass
Heat rejection: easy to maintain the temperature of indoor space, 4 times better than glass
Fire retardant: horizontal HB/vertical V2
Advertising effect: display the shop goods when shop closed
Eco friendly: the polycarbonate material can be recycled, and comply with ROHS,
• Soundproof: 3-4DB better than glass
Light in weight: the weight of polycarbonate curtain is about 5kg/sqm
Deformation resistant:  function well in the temperature range from -40 to 120℃
Warranty: 5 years warranty.

we use highly efficient injection machine; the output capacity is 5000pcs/day/machine
if you need the shipment urgently, we can speed up the production

we use Samsung and Makrolon  PC raw material to produce the polycarbonate slats
if you need customer specified materials, we can purchase the materials for you

5 years warranty for polycarbonate slats, we can replace for imperfect or discolored slats.

Shipment and Delivery
carton box packing or pallet packing

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