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Welcome to Hangzhou Fuyang Harmonious Door Industry Co., Ltd.

 Harmonious Door Industry was founded on Feb,2005. The factory is located in Dayuan Industrial Zone, which has been constructed as the doors and windows industry base since 1990s, with the industrial chain prioriety, we provide primary source of roller shutters and professional services for customers domestic both and abroad.

Our company is specilized in designing, production, installation of wide range of doors which include polycarbonate rolling shutter door, polycarbonate folding door, aluminum/steel rolling shutter door, aluminum/steel foaming rolling shutter door,sectional garage door, rolling grilles door, industrial rolling doors etc...

24×7 service available, sales and after sales people will respond at first time when customers sumitted inquiry, consultation, order, complain and other request. all the major parts of products have warranty and will be replacable if there are quality defects.

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10 years of rolling shutter door, folding door, sectional door assembly and installation experience, providing  technical support and online instructions when customer have problems during installation and using of our products

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As manufacturer of transparent rolling shutter slats and accessories of different materials, we can provide free samples for the use of comfirmation, it will be convenient  for customers to compare the quantity and price of products.


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professional rolling shutter factory, supplying wide range of rolling shutter acessories: rolling shutter aluminum, steel and transparent poycarbonate slats, bottom slats, cross beam, curtain rail, cross tube, connecting hook, end cap, etc

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                polycarbonate folding door


                   aluminum rolling shutter


               stainless steel rolling shutter


                       rolling shutter slats


                       roller shutter motor


                 rolling shutter accessories


                       polycarbonate slats



              polycarbonate rolling shutter