how to choose POLYCARBONATE slats for roller shutter

The polycarbonate slats are major components of a transparent polycarbonate roller shutter, which is the first choice of many commercial shops and brand chain stores. before you make a clear roller shutter, you need to think about which polycarbonate slat you are going to use.

There are two types of polycarbonate slats, one type has rings on the two sides and can be fixed with stainless steel or aluminum pipes, this type of polycarbonate slat provides more thickness, and more security and can be installed in an opening size higher than 6meter. The disadvantage is that you have to assemble it piece by piece, which takes more time and human labor.

the other type is polycarbonate slat rolls, the length of the rolls can be 100meters, and it can be fixed with an aluminum bone connection. this type of polycarbonate slat is easy to be assembled but has less thickness and the max height is no more than 4 meters.

polycarbonate slat fixed with stainless steel pipe
polycarbonate slat roll fixed with aluminum connection

The polycarbonate slats have many features, you can ask for a few samples and do some tests. • Transparency: A high-quality polycarbonate slat is made of 100% PC raw material. it can provide 80%~90% transparency. The low-quality PC roller shutter slats are not so transparent.
Thickness:   It is important to check the thickness of the polycarbonate slat, which includes the side thickness, center thickness, and the thickness of the rings. normally the thickness tolerance will be no more than 0.1mm.
• Impact resistance:   A high-quality polycarbonate slat is difficult to break, if you can break it easily, it probably means the polycarbonate slat is not made of 100% raw material.
• Fire retardant: the polycarbonate slat is flame retardant, it is difficult to get on fire, and even if it is on fire, the flame will distinguish automatically.
• Anti UV:  UV resistance is an essential feature if you want to install the polycarbonate roller shutter outdoors. The polycarbonate slat made of anti-UV material can provide 80% UV resistance against sunlight
• Flatness:   A high-quality polycarbonate slat has a flat surface that is as smooth as a mirror, which is the reflection of the craftsmanship.
 PE film: The polycarbonate slat roll is manufactured with transparent or blue PE film, if it is stuck tightly on the slat rolls it means it is produced by advanced production equipment.

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